Some people are not meant to use Facebook

On the website, they have an article that lists 15 fails people have made on Facebook. Social networking sites are useful to share information with friends, and get pictures posted from the prior night… But some things are not meant to be posted openly on the internet. Here is an example of that;

The problem with Facebook, is some people do not fully understand how the website works, and how their entire Facebook list is able to access the information posted. This girl did not think before she was posting, and for some reason she thought it was only her girlfriends that would see it. It seems as though she didn’t even think about the consequences of her family members reading her status. There is a ‘message’ function for a reason, because not everything needs to be broadcasted to the world. Facebook is a good tool for people who crave attention, because information like that will get peoples attention (not in the right way though).

Young girls do not see the danger in posting status’ like this because they see it as funny and innocent… if this user has a creepy male friend on Facebook and reads this post, he may think he has a chance to get with this girl. You never know who looks at your account on a frequent basis and with so many Facebook friends on your page it is easy to not pay attention to everyone on your list (especially since most people will add anyone who send friend requests when they first get an account). There is such thing as too much, and hopefully the lesson is learned before something traumatic happens.

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