How do we know if our information on the internet is safe?

On, you can type in Facebook Hacking and hundreds of different videos pop up. This means that anyone is able to figure out how to break internet code now, not just the computer nerds. Everything on the internet is just a click away. Some of the videos show you in depth detail as to how to do it and others tell you to go to their specific website and download their special hardware. Why would Youtube not want to ban behaviour like this? They are basically promoting the idea of identity theft. If Youtube did not host this type of videos, another website would… but it would be harder to find and access. Since Youtube and Facebook are not connected, I suppose Youtube does not see any reason to try and help them with the infringement of privacy on their website.

I personally would not want to hack into someones Facebook account, but I am sure that a lot of people are interested in doing so. Ex boyfriends/ girlfriends, suspicious friends… With the internet being so impersonal, some people do not see hacking as breaking in to their privacy. It is not technically the same as going into someones house and taking their information, but the internet is that much worse because some people have all of their information on the internet. We are becoming so disconnected from one another that we do not see it as being something morally wrong, more like a way to crunch your curiosity. The internet helps give people a boldness that they would never have had before, but since you are hidden behind a computer screen no one thinks that they will receive repercussions or it not being an illegal act.

Facebook, the government and other social sites should look into banning these methods of videos on the internet. It is surprising how many there are that have had the comments sections banned, but not the actual video. How does that make sense? The comments aren’t going to teach you how to hack, the video will. The internet is taking away our privacy, everyone can know what you are up to by looking into your Facebook page, or at least get an idea. People need to start being more careful with what they have on their Facebook page, whether it is private or public because you never know you will want to try and access your information.

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