Facebook to blame for your Divorce?

An article in The Globe and Mail stated that one in five divorces are a result of Facebook. Could it be that the social networking website encourages extra marital relations. Is Facebook an easy way to cheat on your marital partner? As technology advances in our society our social relationships are struggling to stay above water. Does social networking actually break down our communication instead of making our communication easier or more productive?

It appears that marriages are resulting in divorce after the use of Facebook becomes incriminating on the behalf of married users. Married Facebook users are being caught red handed using their Facebook to interact with others outside of their marriage. With the use of Facebook chat married couples are getting suspicious and checking up on each others chat histories. With such advancements in technology it creates an easy access to our spouses technological communication history with others. These incirminating and or inappropriate Facebook chats are being used as evidence and as grounds or reason for divorce now.

Do easy to operate social networking sites such as Facebook, make it more tempting to cross the lines of marriage, acting as a flirtatious tool to talk to others, and even begin affairs? Facebook is creating an atmosphere that supports infedelity, making cheating easily accessible to married men and women. It appears that the temptation to cheat is just too strong with Facebook.

Just another issue to add to the Facebook “cons”  list. Facebook may not be making communication easier, but actually tearing people apart instead of bringing them together. 

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