Facebook Used as Spy Tool for Israeli Military

Facebook has been used for a variety of different purposes. For me, as a university student, I use Facebook for a variety of reasons such as entertainment, as a source of information, a way to keep in contact with friends and family, a way to communicate with group members for projects, and much more. These are the typical uses of social networking for my generation across the globe. It is the same for women in Israel; they too post pictures to keep up with friends and find entertainment value is being active users of Facebook. Unfortunately, it is this behaviour that are getting some Israeli women in grave trouble.

The Israeli Military uses Facebook in a very unique way: to spy on and find information about women who claim to be Orthodox Jews. In Israel it is law that both men and women serve time in the Israel Defense Forces. The only way for a healthy and physically abled woman to avoid the draft is by claiming that she is an Orthodox Jew. Since this happens so frequently, the Israeli army has taken to “creeping” Facebook photos to find women engaging in activities that go against the Jewish faith. According to an article in the New York Times, these activities ranges from eating at non-Kosher restaurants and dressing scantily. The Israeli Army event sent out fake invitations to these women to attend a party on a Friday night. Those who RSVP’d, “attending”, were caught. Through this strategy the Israeli military has caught about 1000 women who falsely claimed to be religious in order to dodge the draft.

This story is proof again of the harms that over sharing on the internet can bring. Whether you believe that is right or wrong that these women lie their way out of the military forces, the lesson to be learned is still the same. Revealing too much information on the internet and not having adequate regulated rights to privacy from Facebook itself, countless numbers are people are putting themselves at potential risk for all sorts of negative repercussions that go beyond the imagination. This is an extreme example of what can come of over sharing but nonetheless is still very relevant to society. A lesser form of this can come while applying for jobs, grants, schools, etc. With a simple search many employers can discover what sort of lives their employees lead outside of the workplace. If we aren’t careful, over sharing may eventually be the demise of many careers and in the case of the Israeli women, it can take away the right to freedom.

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