Spreading the Word!

If you are recently wondering why you are suddenly friends with Roger Rabbit or Scooby Doo on Facebook do not worry, no one has hacked into your account, and your friends are not playing a joke on you. In the past week cartoon characters have invaded the popular social networking website in the honour of charity! These friendly little cartoon profile pictures have not only lightened the mood of the viral world but brought a good cause to the public.

A new Facebook campaign is asking Facebook users to change their profile picture to their favourite childhood cartoon in efforts to raise awareness about violence against children. Child abuse is a very serious social issue and has taken on the technological advancements of Facebook to help raise awareness for their cause. The Campaign to End Violence Against Children using childhood cartoon faces has been in progress over the past few days and ends today December 6th, 2010. The point of the campaign is to create a Facebook without faces, only memories of childhood and innocence should flood the walls of your feed in honor of this cause.

This is just an example of the good that can be done with the use of Facebook as a tool to spread the word. Although skeptics have pointed out so rudely that changing your Facebook profile picture wont end violence against children, it will create awareness, which is the first step to solving a problem. It is important that we look at great campaign examples such as this one to remember the good that Facebook as a social networking site can be used for. After weeding through all the crap, to put it kindly, that fills our Facebook feeds, between the drama, relationship updates, pointless statuses, or those never-ending game posts that wont go away, this is a nice break from the bull.

Remember to use Facebook effectively, although it was built to use as a socializing tool, why can’t we use it to make a difference, spread the word about a great cause and create some social awareness.

So take the time to spread the word today!!

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