Viral Marketing

Viral marketing has quickly become the new way to market and advertise. Advertising plagues the internet, whether it be annoying pop-ups or side advertising on websites. The most popular place to advertise lately seems to be with the use of social networking websites such as Facebook or Twitter. These social networking sites have been an advertisers dream!

Viral Marketing is FREE marketing and that is what makes it such an advertisers dream. Large companies, massive corporations or small business beginnings, all of them have equal access to success through online viral marketing and advertising. Any individual or company can start their own Viral marketing campaign by starting a Facebook profile or fan page. These fan pages feature the oh so popular ‘like’ button! This gives fans an opportunities to like they’re page as well as share it with their Facebook friends! Facebook has become the new ‘word of mouth’ that advertising thrives on and couldn’t survive without.

Question is now, why even have a marketing team?! It appears that Facebook spread the word for us, without little effort or hardships. The networking site is not only popular as possible, and used by more than 500 million users, but it is easy to access and simple to use! Facebook has become so popular because it is straight forward and easy for its users to understand and use. It does not take a technical savvy person to figure out how to use Facebook, or start their own fan page for their company. No advertising or marketing campaign can survive without the help of the internet, and especially without Facebook and the instant updating Twitter.

With the use of popular networking sites such as Facebook companies are able to access free marketing and advertising and expand their businesses at alarming rates. All it take to be successful is spreading the technological word of text through these free websites. Wanna expand your business, grow your success and have the most popular product on the market than hop on the viral marketing campaign and join the Facebook fandom!!

Facebook, the viral billboard!


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