About Facebook Frenzy

 Facebook Frenzy which will consist of three separate authors from the University of Ottawa Britany Lee, Tasha Porowski, and Alyssa Smith, we will be addressing the world’s largest social networking site, and technological phenomenon that is ‘Facebook’. The blog will dissect the  Canadian privacy policies that surround ‘Facebook’ and the circulating controversy regarding the appropriate use of the not internationally known networking site. Facebook Frenzy will be your one stop shop for any news regarding ‘Facebook’.

A large emphasis will be placed on the question of how much is the average user of ‘Facebook’ giving up when joining the networking phenomenon? We will be addressing issues such as identity theft, fraud, and copyright infringement. As well as the many dangers that can ensue with the use of networking sites by children including internet bullying, slander, harassment and the safety and security of the information and photographs that underage children are exposed to.

These are just a few of the many controversial subjects surrounding ‘Facebook’ that our blog entitled Facebook Frenzy will be addressing in our posts and discussions.  We invite you to read on and take part in discussions and feel free to express your opinions with constructive comments.

                                                                   Facebook: Friend or Foe?

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